Firwin ThermoWrap™ removable insulation blankets are designed to fit your valves precisely, with easy to use fastening systems. All of our removable insulation covers, jackets, and blankets are manufactured with durable materials for years of service, and provide excellent heat retention characteristics by meeting the required specifications.

Firwin removable insulation jackets, covers, and blankets are manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 Certified facilities, and meet all required facility owner specifications for removable cover manufacturing guidelines. Our blankets are designed to wrap snugly around even the most complicated upstream equipment, including those with multiple penetrations for fittings and electric, steam, or glycol tracing.

In addition, all of our insulation blankets:

  • Protect employees from burns from hot piping by reducing the outer cover temperatures.
  • Protect upstream equipment from external environmental conditions, such as heat, cold, & chemicals.
  • Will provide years of service with durable materials, easy-to-remove and install features.
  • Are available with various fastening systems to suit your particular application.
  • Reduce insulation waste and higher cost of hard insulation removal and re-application.

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