At Firwin, we work closely with a number of OEM clients and their authorized distribution networks, providing removable insulation covers for a wide range of products. Valves, Actuators, Pumps, Control Panels – every product can offer a special set of challenges when designing a removable insulation cover; identifying these challenges and providing innovative cost savings solutions is one of the things we do best.

Advanced design tools such as CAD and 3D Modeling allow our experienced team of design engineers to design insulation covers that precisely fit even the most complex OEM components, including those that require accommodations for lubrication points, inspection access ports, panels and much more. We also offer private labeling services, to brand your covers as you wish.

Whether you are an OEM, an OEM Authorized Distributor, or an end-user of OEM equipment, Firwin can provide you with quality removable insulation covers that have been custom designed to precisely fit your OEM components

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