While working on a number of projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan, we received a call from a major insulation contractor that we have a long term relationship with. At Firwin, we regularly work with other insulation firms as partners; these positive relationships give us the ability to not only help other contractors, but also give us the resources to provide services for almost any sized job.

Their customer was right in the middle of a power turbine inspection and maintenance outage when they determined that the thermal removable covers for the turbine were worn out. The contractor had only a few weeks to obtain new covers. This included measuring, manufacturing, and installation onto the power turbine shell before the end of the maintenance outage.

Once our team arrived on site they discovered that the location of the turbine shell had limited access, which made measuring very difficult. In addition it also had to be completed while the power turbine contractor was rebuilding the turbine. To accomplish this difficult task, we utilized a digital imaging system combined with the measurements of the old covers.

As a result, we were able to produce a multi layered cover that was expedited back to the facility in a matter of a few short weeks. Not only did we meet the deadline but we produced and delivered the turbine cover days before it was actually installed. This allowed the turbine commissioning to move forward without the delay of waiting on the insulation cover kit, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Because of our flexible capabilities and industry resources, we were able to provide emergency service for this critical application.

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