At Firwin, we work closely with a number of OEM clients and their authorized distribution networks, providing custom insulation for a wide range of products. Every product can offer a special set of challenges; identifying these challenges and providing innovative cost savings solutions is one of the things we do best. Because of our in-depth knowledge of insulation applications, we have encountered numerous situations where the OEM design may have fallen short if not for our analysis.

This includes situations where due to space limitations, the insulation material had to be changed to provide adequate clearance. If a product is in close proximity to a heat source, we can determine the level of insulation required and much more, such as installation requirements, emergency repair, maintenance access, or outright replacement. Insulation is an integral part of many systems; insulation components that are designed with real world equipment operations in mind simplify maintenance throughout the life of the system.

We have provided insulation for many types of equipment and systems, such as covers that are specified and sold by the OEM under their private labels. Our facility is equipped with a product development lab that can accept OEM equipment. In this advanced facility we can perfect a cover design. This includes accommodations for lubrication points, inspection access ports, panels and much more.

Some of our Thermowrap products can be seen on OEM manufactured rotary valves, instrumentation panels, safety valve actuators, pumps, turbines and exhaust and SCR systems. By working with the manufacturers directly you can be sure that the thermal blanket produced by Thermowarp meets and exceeds requirements.

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