Whether for protecting equipment from external environmental conditions, safe-guarding personnel from hot process piping, lowering ambient heat, or providing heat retention to increase a plant’s energy efficiency, removable insulation covers are an important component in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of a commercial/industrial facility.

Uncovered valves, flanges, and process piping that are not candidates for permanent insulation can be a major source of energy loss, and a potential hazard to personnel. Firwin removable insulation covers are custom designed to precisely fit your components. The fact that they are removable allows access for maintenance purposes, without having to deal with removing and re-applying hard insulation.

All of our insulation covers:

  • Are manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities.
  • Meet all required facility owner specifications for removable cover manufacturing guidelines.
  • Will provide years of service with durable materials, easy-to-remove and install features.
  • Reduce insulation waste and higher cost of hard insulation removal and re-application.

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