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As a module builder, you have goals and deadlines that you are committed to meeting. You need to complete your project on time, within budget, while still meeting the build specifications that your client demands. Part of your responsibility may be to not only build the module but to do most of the insulation on the module before it is shipped to site. This will often include removable insulation covers.

Removable insulation covers for valves, flanges, and other equipment are an important part of the insulation package on the modules you are building. Without properly measured and designed covers on these components your clients may experience delays when they go to install and commission these module sections.

Value, On-Time Delivery, Quality Fit

At Firwin, we understand that you are under time, budget, and design constraints. Being able to provide your customers with quality insulation covers that are built to spec, within budget, and delivered on time are essential to maintaining your reputation in the industry as a premier module builder.

Your Insulation Partner

We view ourselves as not just a manufacturer of removable insulation covers, but as your insulation partner. As such, we are focused on meeting your delivery timetables and staying on budget. If you desire, we can even private label your insulation covers. Rest assured, whether they are labeled with the Firwin name or your company name, our commitment to you is to deliver top quality insulation covers that meet your client’s specifications in every detail.


Firwin has been supplying insulation solutions to Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Chemical, Mining, and Government projects in North America since 1982. Our experienced team of design engineers ensures that your insulation covers precisely match the components that they are designed to cover, including those that require multiple penetrations due to tracing of lines and equipment.

We offer your firm skilled and well trained field technicians who can come to your site and quickly measure up your valves, flanges, and other components for covers. For smaller jobs, we also offer measurement templates that your staff can use to measure a valve or flange if you only have a few items. As your insulation partner , we will work with your scheduling and transportation coordinators to make sure all components that need removable covers are measured before the ship date of the modules. If you desire, our field technicians can also install the removable insulation cover portion of your project. All our field technicians are trained in safety awareness, to ensure safety to themselves and others on the job site. Firwin is an ISNetworld certified company, and our field personnel’s safety training includes CSTS/PST; H2S Awareness; OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA Orientation; WHMIS; First Aid; Elevated Platform JLG/Manlift Operator Certified; and Pre-job safety & JHA procedures.

Let Firwin Corp provide you with the quality removable insulation covers you need to complete your project on time, meeting specification, and within budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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