Any organization seeking to expand operations with additional or new facility construction can attest to the need to maximize ROI. At Firwin, we’ve provided our services to companies in a wide range of industries who needed to stretch their construction budget.

Our team of experts work closely with facility owners, maintenance departments, and hard insulation contractors to meet the stringent needs of plant turnarounds and expansions. Working in close association with our insulation company partners, we identify new and replaced equipment within a plant or system and accurately estimate the thermal cover requirements.

Since much of this type of work is completed while a facility is operating, we work quickly, safely, and with minimal or no disruptions to regular operations. Having well trained and knowledgeable field service staff is critical to our success, not only in completing the job properly and within budget but in protecting the safety of everyone working within our area. As an ISNetworld certified company, we utilize highly developed processes designed specifically for live facility environments. Our standard operating procedures requires our employees to never enter a facility and or area until they are clear of their responsibilities, and that all potential hazards associated have been mitigated.

While we do not undertake “hot work” as part of our work scope, we possess the safety training that allows our staff to work in close proximity to welding, pressure testing, and processes that could emit hazardous materials including H2S gases.

The nature of facility expansion creates limited access, which can hinder the manufacture and installation of our covers. These situations create a narrow window of opportunity for work to be completed. To address this we work closely with other contractors, and the operations and commissioning group to ensure that all work is performed on time. In cases where time does not allow, we can provide temporary insulation that will perform until the next outage. Whenever a facility is built and or expanded, it often comes online in a reverse order. A proactive insulation provider will identify project priorities, ensuring that all covers are available or installed in time for systems testing or start-up.

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