As a provider of hard insulation products, you realize the importance of soft removable insulation covers for valves, flanges, and other equipment that are not candidates for hard insulation. You understand that these components, if left uncovered or poorly insulated, can lead to equipment failures and affect overall system stability.

Your Success is our Success

Firwin Corp can provide you with the removable insulation covers that you need to supplement your product offering. At Firwin, we view ourselves not just as a manufacturer of removable insulation covers, but as your insulation partner. We view your success as our success. We are committed to:

Blanket with Glycol Penetrations
  • Delivering covers on time according to your production needs.
  • Providing you with covers that fit right the first time, so that you do not experience costly delays waiting for your covers to be re-designed or replaced.
  • Quick product turnaround.
  • Offering project management on every job that we do, coordinating with subcontractors and the installing company to provide them with insulation covers in an organized fashion to facilitate installation.
  • Supplying you with insulation covers that precisely match the components they are designed to cover, including those that require multiple penetrations due to tracing of lines and equipment.
  • Providing clear installation instructions to facilitate the installation of covers made up of multiple pieces or those that require installation in a specific sequence.

In addition, our staff is well versed in quoting & take-offs from ISO and P & ID.

With local offices and a strong distributor network, Firwin can respond quickly to your thermal insulation cover needs. We offer your firm skilled and well trained field technicians who can come to your site and quickly measure up your equipment for covers, providing you with a list of all items measured and marked. Firwin is an ISNetworld certified company, and our field technicians are trained in safety awareness, to ensure safety to themselves and others on the job site. Their training includes CSTS/PST; H2S Awareness; OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA Orientation; WHMIS; First Aid; Elevated Platform JLG/Manlift Operator Certified; Pre-job safety & JHA procedures. As an added benefit, Firwin even incorporates an online process reporting web portal that allows you to track products in real time.

Our 30+ years of experience translates into a vast array of product knowledge, and also speaks to our company’s stability and continued presence in the insulation cover industry. Contact us today to learn more.

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