At Thermowrap, we specialize in providing innovative solutions to challenging insulation projects. These capabilities are exemplified in the project highlighted here, which was completed for Husky Energy Service’s new SAGD facility in Saskatchewan, Canada. In this project we partnered with another major insulation provider to complete over 4000 thermal removable covers, comprised of some 6000 pieces. Our part in the project was to measure for and manufacture thousands of the required covers.

Though all aspects of this project were well within our servicing capabilities, it posed several challenges. Because of the location, many of the lines required glycol tracing to keep the temperature of critical systems above freezing. This would require the design and fabrication of many entry and exit points in the covers, some of which required up to three individual glycol tracing penetrations. This made the accuracy of our measurements critical, so that the covers would fit over valves and equipment as close to perfectly as possible. During the measuring phase our staff applied tags to each system and component, this was then logged for tracking and identification. We also marked up the customer ISO and P&ID drawings, so that they could verify that each cover was installed properly. Because of our efforts and expertise in manufacturing thermal removable covers, the project was a total success, providing the customer with the services they needed in the time frame they required.

We recently returned to the customer’s site to perform a follow up quality control visit as part of our quality program and continuous improvement. The visit resulted in the identification of areas for improvement and new equipment that required new or better insulation.

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