Project Management Services

Project Management
Project Management

As an industry leading provider of thermal insulation solutions, Firwin offers project management services on every job that we do. Our team of project managers will define the project scope, interface with your contractors and site managers, obtain permits as needed, assign and schedule personnel, and create a timeline for completion of the removable insulation cover component of your project.

To ensure safe work practices, we assign a safety officer to each project and execute a full JSA/JHA assessment of safety conditions, including identifying potential hazards, formulating prevention controls, and preparing incident response plans. Our field crews, armed with ISO and/or P&ID drawings, will assign a unique ID to each piece of equipment, take careful measurements, and define the thermal insulation specifications for each cover. Upon client approval, our project managers will execute and maintain a documented manufacturing plan as well as schedule delivery and installation dates. Each manager stays with the team until final walkthrough and successful completion of the project.

Our project teams demonstrate total commitment to our clients' success, and we offer the distinct technical skills and management strategies to guarantee projects are completed on time and on budget. We invite you to contact us today to discuss the details of your project.

Project Management Process

Start-Up Meeting
Items Discussed:
  • Project Scope
  • Reporting Processes
  • Pricing
  • AFE Structures
  • Delivery Commitments
Work Schedules
Transportation Logistics
Lodging and Meals
Onsite Equipment Needed and Approved
Confirm Start Dates
Assign personnel
Project Managers
Administrative Site Coordinators
Field Measurement Supervisors
Field Measurement Crews
Safety Officers
Regional Managers
Preliminary Project Timeline Guide (based on Client Construction and Commissioning Schedules)
Safe Work Practices
Hazardous Factors analysis
Assign Controls
JSA/JHA Assessments
Obtain Permissions and permits
Communicate with Contractors &
Site Project Managers
Confirm line temperatures and insulation thickness
Line temp charts and ISO drawings
Review work scope
Distribute ISO and/or P&ID Drawings to field crews
Identify and Measure Equipment
Assign Unique Equipment ID number
Mark drawings
Update Field ISO and P&ID Drawings
Completed Percentage of Master Scope
Reduction or Increase in Budget Rates
Cover manufacturing & delivery
Upon client approval
Covers built as per Design/Build Specification

On line tracking system showing:
Total Number of Items Measured
Description Including Type, Rating, Line Number, and Unit Area
Items Approved to Manufacture and Items in Manufacturing
Manufacturing Groups by areas.
Shipment Delivery Date (and Estimates)
Date of Installation
Process End
Walk Through
Final Inspection
Confirm Satisfactory Completion of Project
Marked-Up Drawings Provided
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