Measuring and Installation Field Services

Measuring & Installation Field Services
Measuring & Installation Field Services

Firwin employs a team of professional field service personnel ready to assist you with the measurement of your equipment for removable thermal covers. Allowing our experienced field technicians to measure your equipment not only frees up your personnel, but also ensures that these measurements will be done expediently and accurately. Serving the oil & gas, petrochemical, and industrial markets in Central & Western Canada, we can dispatch crews to take precise measurements of all of your equipment, including valves, flanges, instrumentation panels, and level indicators.

On-Site Job Safety

Specializing in hazardous area locations, we take job site safety very seriously. Our crews continually receive multi-disciplined safety training and possess many industry certifications, including OSSA, CSTS/PST, and WHMIS. They are certified to operate elevated platform and lifting equipment for access to difficult to reach areas in your facility, and work expediently with minimal disruption to your operations.

Removable Cover Installation:

After the covers have been manufactured, our installation services crew can be back to install them in the same professional manner. The advantages of using Firwin field personnel to install your removable insulation covers include:

Measuring & Installation Field Services
Measuring & Installation Field Services
  • Faster installation: Having visited the site and measured each item, we know which cover should go with specific equipment. This results in a faster installation process, especially important on a times and materials contract.
  • Proper installation: Thermal cover designs can be complicated and include the direction and sequence that the cover must be installed in for a timely installation. Our installer likely has had input into the cover design and understands how the covers should fit and be oriented for installation.
  • Experienced personnel: Installing complicated and or multi piece covers can be time consuming especially for someone new or without training and experience in cover design and installation. Thermal insulation covers can have overlapping sections or pieces that can cause confusion to an inexperienced thermal cover installer. Often insulation companies employee first and second year apprentices to install the removable covers. Firwin installation personnel are properly trained in cover installation with many hours of experience under their belts.
  • Covers that function as they should: Proper installation is key to the success of removable insulation covers, and can mean the difference between a valve that works or one that doesn’t. At Firwin we know how the covers should fit, and our personnel take the necessary steps to ensure that the cover is installed as intended.
  • Properly documented modifications: At times equipment is changed between design and installation. In these cases proper markup of the covers will be needed to affect proper modifications. Having a Firwin employee onsite to make any notations regarding cover modifications is critical to a fast turnaround of the repaired or replaced cover.

Utilizing our measuring and installation field services brings the best value in terms of form, fit, and function for our removable insulation covers. Contact us today to learn more about how our field services division can assist you.

Insulation Cover Measuring & Installation Capabilities

On-site measurement of component dimensions.
Removable cover installation
Measure template for client use
Central & Western Canada
Instrumentation Panels
Sending Units
Level Indicators
Installation Benefits
Faster Installation
Proper Installation
Experienced Personnel
Covers That Function as They Should
Properly Documented Modifications
Field Training
Job Site Safety; Safety Awareness
Safety Programs
H2S Awareness
OSSA Fall Protection
OSSA Orientation
First Aid
Elevated Platform JLG/Manlift Operator Certified
Pre-Job Safety
JHA Procedures
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